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Los Angeles Based Alarm Company with Home Security Systems Call 323.456.6110

What Is The Home Land Security And What Do They Do?

The National Strategy for Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Act of 2002 was created after September 11, to address national security and to organize efforts to maintain and protect the United States from terrorist attacks.

Preventing threats to our homeland and protecting the safety, freedom, property and economy of U.S. citizens is part of Homeland Security’s role. Responding to acts of terrorism, natural disaster or other such emergencies and aiding in recovery is an important part of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security has made available information for home and business owners to help protect and secure their loved ones and property.

Homeland Security has posted information online so that home and business owners can prepare for disasters. They suggest preparing a basic emergency kit.

The Homeland Security basic emergency kit recommended contents are:

- water – 1 gallon per person per day, 3 day supply minimum
- food – 3 day supply of non-perishable food
- radio – battery or crank operated, weather radio recommended
- flashlight – crank or battery. Extra batteries for batter operated
- first aid kit
- whistle
- dust mask
- moist wipes, garbage bags and ties
- wrench or pliers (to turn off utilities)
- manual can opener
- local area map

Suggested additional items include:

- eyeglasses, contact lens care products
- prescription and OTC medications
- infant supplies
- pet supplies
- important documents
- cash, change and/or traveler’s checks
- sleeping bag
- change of clothes, including long pants and long-sleeved shirt, sturdy shoes
- chlorine bleach and medicine dropper
- fire extinguisher
- matches in waterproof container
- hygiene products
- mess kits or paper plates, bowls, plastic forks and paper towels
- pen and paper
- books, games and puzzles

One gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation is a must. Those who are ill, nursing mothers or children may require more water. More water may also be required in warm climates. It is recommended to store water in tightly closed clean plastic containers. Keep at least a three day supply per person on hand.

The Homeland Security Department is in charge of emergency preparedness for the nation. Individual family emergency preparedness information and plans are available at Homeland Security’s site.

Families should address the same questions locally that the Homeland Security Department addresses nationally regarding emergency preparedness. How will family members contact one another? How will family members get together? What will family members do in case of different situations that may arise?

Homeland Security team members have preset plans for communication while dealing with disasters. Families should prepare a list of phone numbers and see that each person has a copy of the list along change or a pre-paid phone card. Delegate an out-of-town contact person in case it isn’t possible to call across town or down the road.

Some areas of the United States face threats that can be predicted to some degree. Tornadoes are expected in tornado alley. Hurricanes are expected along coastal areas. Family emergency preparedness should include knowing what threats or disasters are likely in the area.

Find out what notification methods are used. Are radio and television announcements made? Are sirens sounded? Plan what steps will be taken if a threat or disaster occurs. Know workplace and school emergency contingency plans also.

One of the biggest decisions homeowners must make when faced with disaster is whether to stay or to evacuate. This is usually dictated by the extent of damage. Make a separate plan of action for each contingency.

The Homeland Security Department was created to help protect and preserve America. Monitoring terrorism and other threats, natural and man-made, are what the Department was created for. Homeowners can help in securing and protecting their family members and property by utilizing Homeland Security helps posted at

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Home Security Alarm System Providers In Your Area

Basic home security alarm systems monitor doors and windows and provide a panic button. From the basic system, homeowners can add as many or as few add-ons as they wish.

Basic home security alarm systems from the two top companies typically include: control unit, touchpad, motion detector, interior sounder, door/window sensor, transformer, battery backup, police emergency button, fire emergency button, keychain controls, window decals and yard signs.

Add-ons to the home security alarm system include a variety of components. Some are temperature change sensor, glass breakage sensor, water leak sensor, additional motion detectors, additional door/window sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors.

Temperature change sensors monitor temperature and notify the homeowner whenever the temperature falls below or goes above the set temperature. This is a good way to monitor temperature where freezing is an issue and where sensitive equipment or collectibles are concerned.

Home owners in rural areas have been known to place a temperature sensor in outbuildings housing water supplies. The sensors are turned on during cold weather conditions when water pipes could freeze.

Glass breakage sensors offer the security of knowing that if an intruder tries to break, cut or smash glass, the alarm will sound and the homeowner will be notified.

Home security alarm systems with water leakage detectors can notify homeowners whenever a leak occurs. Automated systems can actually turn off the water supply.

Basic systems come with only a few motion detectors. Large homes or homes with large rooms may require more sensors for adequate coverage. Home security alarm systems can be set so that if a family member leaves a bedroom during the night, the alarm sounds and alerts the homeowner.

This sort of setting is good for situations where family members suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia and could come to harm wandering the home alone. It’s also an excellent way to monitor difficult teenagers and prevent them from sneaking out of the home.

Door and window sensors alert the homeowner when doors or windows are open or aren’t completely closed. Teenagers can’t leave a window or door unlocked without the alarm system notifying the homeowner. Many systems issue a ‘beep’ when doors are opened and closed. This alerts homeowners to any entrance/exit.

Some basic home security alarm systems require a police and fire button on the touchpad to be added optionally. These buttons are preprogrammed with the local police and fire telephone numbers. When the homeowner pushes the button, the appropriate emergency service is notified.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are now being offered as home security alarm system add-ons. Smoke detectors signal the system whenever fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide are detected. The homeowner is alerted. If the homeowner is paying for subscription monitoring, the monitoring company will notify police and fire. If the homeowner is not paying for monitoring services, the homeowner will have to call authorities.

Home security alarm systems offer homeowners a way to monitor safety and security of property and premises. Available systems offer a variety of optional add-ons, allowing customization of the system.

If you have any questions regarding ADT Home Security services call: 323.456.6110. Available 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Should You Choose Brink’s Home Security Over ADT Home Security?

Brink’s Home Security offers installation and monitoring of home security systems. Several criteria make the company an excellent choice for home security provision. Trained personnel, rapid response, easy to use systems and award winning products and service are good reasons to choose Brink’s. Systems can easily be adapted to fit need and budget.

The right personnel make all the difference in how well a job is done and how easy it is for customers to relate. Like most successful home security companies, Brink’s Home Security provides in-depth training for all employees. Technicians who install Brink’s Home Security systems must pass National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association training.  They drive vehicles clearly labeled with the Brink’s logo and carry proper identification.  Consumers can safely open the door to Brink’s personnel.

Rapid response is important when personal and property safety are at risk. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Brink’s Home Security can quickly contact appropriate emergency response agencies. Home and business owners can rest assured that monitoring is active and on alert.

Even the best home security systems are no good if family members can’t operate them. Many consumers have installed security systems only to decide that operating them is too much trouble.  Brink’s Home Security systems feature easy -to-use one touch keypads.

Both standard and premium keypads are designed for ease of use. Most commands are a simple matter of one touch. There are no complicated sequences of numbers or entries to remember. Children and the elderly are usually able to use Brink’s keypads without problem. Demonstration keypads can be accessed at the company website.

Brink’s Home Security offers different systems to meet individual and business needs and budget constraints.  The free home security system needs analysis provides home and business owners an easy way to assess security needs and requirements.  All systems come with keypad, door/window sensors, motion detector, interior siren, control panel, and Brink’s yard sign and window decals.

Award winning products and services rank Brink’s Home Security a top level provider of home security services. Consumers Digest has awarded its Best Buy Seal to Brink’s products. J.D. Power and Associates recognized Brink’s’ delivery of outstanding customer service in the customer call center operation.

Brink’s Home Security holds the distinction of being the only full service national security company with Installation Quality Certification by the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

Service and products are both important considerations when choosing a company to trust with the security of home or business. Brink’s Home Security provides well-trained personnel devoted to customer service and utilizing state of the art equipment. Fast response is a vital part of providing home security and Brink’s prides itself on rapidly responding to all issues.

Easy-to-use systems make it easy for home and business owners to actually use the security system they’ve spent time and money on.  Brink’s provides easy, one-touch keypads and systems to fit business or personal security needs. Innovative and dedicated company policies have won Brink’s Home Security many awards. They continue to build on an already excellent business reputation.

If you have any questions regarding ADT Home Security services call: 323.456.6110. Available 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Are Home Window Security Bars Good To Have?

Home security window bars come in three styles: fixed, hinged and removable. Choosing the right style is a matter of use. Saw-resistance and tamper resistant hardware are additional considerations.

Fixed home window security bars do not open. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and are usually the most economical style. Home and business owners can choose from basic designs, decorative styles or even elaborate luxury styles.

Hinged or swing away home window security bars swing open for repair and cleaning. They can be padlock secured and are available in a variety of sizes. Mr. Goodbar tm Keyless Quick Release Locking System is appropriate for secondary escape routes.

Home or business owners who need to comply with local fire and building codes for secondary escapes can use these bars.

Removable window bars lock on both sides, allowing easy removal. They’re good for vacation cabins, storefronts or anywhere periodical protection is required. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Home window security bars are available for safety and for security. The purpose of the bars helps determine the appropriate style.

Child safety and security window bars and guards are available in standard sizes to fit most window openings. They provide quick installation, require no special ordering or fitting, and feature safety releases for quick removal.

Parents, grandparents, and anyone concerned with preventing small children or pets from falling out windows can find peace of mind in the installation of these home window security bars.

The first step in choosing home window security bars is to determining use. Will the bars be used for safety purposes (to keep children and pets from exiting windows) or is security the aim (deter and prevent burglary or home intrusion)?

Once purpose is determined, window style is an important consideration when seeking to add home window security bars. Typical window styles include double-hung, single-hung, casement and sliding. Home owners will need this information when preparing to purchase or order bars.

After confirming window style, window size is required. The measurement required for home window security bars is the dimensions of the window opening. The window opening is the space inside the window frame.

Be sure to note how many windows will require bars and the correct window opening size for each.

Home window security bars are available from many stores and companies. They’re also available online via stores and auction sites. Home or business owners who are going to install the bars themselves can purchase materials from any reputable provider.

Not all home window security bars are created equal. Bars should be constructed of saw-resistant, sturdy materials. A bar that can easily be bent, broken, sawed or removed is not providing adequate safety.

Home and business owners who prefer to pay a home security window bar company to fit and install all windows will need to choose a reputable company. The company shouldn’t mind providing references or even the names and phone numbers of satisfied customers.

Home window security bars give home and business owners an added layer of protection.

If you have any questions regarding ADT Home Security services call: 323.456.6110. Available 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.